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DMC Construction Group


“Welcome to DMC Construction Group's web site!

Our web site has changed, but we are the same quality service focused team, with the same commitment and highest standards of delivery and the same happy energetic team. We just have a new website to share our construction expertise.

Construction has always been my passion, as a third generation builder and ever since being a little boy all I ever wanted to do was be a “billda”.

The construction industry can give you so much satisfaction especially at the end of a project where you can look back over your work and see the fantastic result that you have produced, whether it be a shelf fitted to a wardrobe or a multimillion dollar commercial project and say “we built that!!”

At DMC Construction Group we take great pride in the quality of work we produce and the relationships we develop with our customers. These are all values stemming from my upbringing and the underpinning principal that you should always treat others the way that you expect to be treated yourself. At DMC Construction Group we will go almost anywhere to build just about anything! Even if we have to ship materials in by barge or helicopter, sleep in tents and contend with record rain falls. (We have done it before!)

Our Team are committed to undertake everything humanly possible to get a project completed on time, always with the same quality and pride we put into all of our projects. I encourage my team at DMC Construction Group to undertake regular contact with all our clients and ensure 100% satisfaction and share my commitment and vision for quality affordability and service.

At DMC Construction Group we know exactly how important your build/project is to you. My Team and myself are always available to assist with any questions/queries, formulate a quote or just have a chat about how we may be able to assist you.”

Dean McCarthy  - Managing Director